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    So I haven’t been doing much knitting lately.  That happens to me sometimes; I get into a knitting slump and then I have to find something to do to fill the newly formed knitting void in my life.  Often I’ll play video games during this period, but I like to be productive as well.  I’ve tried dyeing yarn and like it quite a bit, but I’m stuck on the reskeining step.  So what do I do instead? Why invent games of course.

    Which brings us to this topic.  I’ve been developing a card game called Knitting, the Card Game.  It’s relatively straightforward – you have a pattern card, you acquire yarn cards for it, then you place time markers to knit and finish it.  There are attacks that can temporarily stop an opponent from knitting one or all patterns, and there are enabler cards that do good things like getting rid of attacks or giving you something else.  The patterns are of varying complexity, and since you can only work on 4 at once you have to be strategic in which ones you choose.  The patterns are worth points and the first person to get X amount of points wins.

    So that’s the game in a nutshell.  I’ve been playing it against myself to test it and have made several revisions.  For instance, you used to have to draw time cards and finishing cards to complete a project, but it took way too long to get any points.  Anyways, I just did my first round of Alpha testing last night in which I played an actual game with actual people.  It was fun, which is the most important part of any game, and I got some feedback so I can make some more revisions.  Once those are done it’s time for Alpha testing part 2.  I’m really excited for that and can’t wait until I get into beta testing!  After that I might actually have a game, so fingers crossed.

    Well, that’s all for now.  See you guys later!

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