• Turns Out I’m a Product Knitter


    I’ve always thought of myself as a process knitter, that is someone who enjoys the act of knitting for the knitting not necessarily the final product.  Mind you, I enjoyed the product as well, but that wasn’t my motivation, or so I thought.  If there’s one thing that Project Mohair has taught me, it’s that I’m definitely a product knitter.  I know this because I really haven’t wanted to knit it but I also really want the final product.

    I enjoy knitting, most of the time.  I think all knitters do, but as I spoke about on my post about product versus process knitting some people knit for different reasons than others.  When I knit, ultimately what I want is a product.  Even when I stop enjoying the process, I still want the product at the end.  Now that I’ve been thinking about it, in fact, I’ve always wanted the product more. That’s because it’s almost always a continuation of a design, a culmination of creative energy and yarn.  I love watching it develop, of course, but ultimately I’m after the finished object.

    This is amusing to me because I’m definitely a process designer.  I really enjoy the whole design thing, from conception to implementation and everything in between.  I love coming up with an idea, sketching the idea, tweaking the idea, playing with the chart, tweaking the chart, and executing the design.  I enjoy knitting the design, but not as much as finishing it.  This has only become apparent to me as I’ve knit a project I didn’t enjoy knitting.  That’s how I know I’m a product knitter.

    What about you?  Are you a product or process knitter?  Let me know in the comments below.


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