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    I forget sometimes how difficult some things are to some people.  For instance, I find double-knitting very easy, double-knit lace especially.  I look at it and see decreases and wrong side decreases and a simple but unique yarn over technique combined with double-knitting and I think “how easy is this”?  Then I have to catch myself when I tell someone else that it’s easy, because it isn’t actually.  The problem is I can think in stitch pairs, and I can read my knitting.

    I’m a good knitter and I know many great knitters, but we each have our own strengths and weaknesses.  I’m no good at stranded knitting, for instance, and I’m very poor at counting.  I’m also a slow knitter and struggle to maintain an even tension.  Many of the more complicated techniques are quite accessible to me, and I’ll often choose a pattern that’s more complicated if it has less counting involved, but people who can knit a sweater in a month or do fair isle knitting or intarsia keep me in awe.  I wish I could do those things.

    You know what, knitting isn’t easy either.  I know many people who struggle with it, who are intimidated by it and can’t knit at all because of it.  Stephanie Pearl McPhee got it right when she said we sell ourselves short.  As she put it, we’re taking string and sticks and creating objects out of them.  It’s like creating something from nothing, and it’s amazing!  So, remember this the next time you think something is incredibly easy, because chances are it isn’t, and that makes you awesome.

    Until next time!

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  1. Julia / Geaizee says:

    Are you able to share the name of this pattern or is it a teaser?

    • Aptenoknits says:

      The pattern doesn’t yet have a name, nor is it published I’m afraid. That will change eventually, but I’m not quite sure when.

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