• Knitting Opinions – Taking a Break or Pushing On


    It happens to the best of us.  Sometimes we’re knitting a project and it just becomes so frustrating, so boring, or so difficult that we just want to rip out our hair, frog the project, and give up on knitting altogether.  We tell ourselves that this is supposed to be relaxing, not frustrating, that no garment can be worth all this hassle.  So what do we do in these situations, take a break, push through, give up altogether?

    For me, it depends.  If I’ve committed to something, which I usually have, then giving up altogether isn’t usually an option.  Likewise if I haven’t committed to the knitting but I really want the finished garment, then I generally won’t give up.  I will take a break, however, sometimes from the knitted object itself, sometimes from knitting altogether.  I don’t honestly know if that’s the best thing to do, though.

    It has advantages, certainly.  I push the object aside until I’m better able to focus on it; I get to do something else either in knitting or something I wouldn’t get to do because I’m busy knitting; I give myself a chance to miss the object or the knitting and be ready for make up knitting.  On the other hand, had I just pushed through I probably would have had the object by the time I was ready to get back to knitting it in the first place.  Furthermore, the times I do push through I feel so relieved and happy when I’m done that the pushing through was definitely justified, and, of course, when I’m on a deadline I have to push through and always feel a sense of accomplishment when I manage to do it.

    So which should you do?  Clearly I don’t know, but I think there are advantages to each.  So whatever you do, as long as you’re ultimately happy, you’re doing it right.

    Happy knitting!

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