• New Ravelry Pattern – Infinite Cables Cowl


    This isn’t a brand new pattern per say, but it is newly released to Ravelry and very near and dear to my heart.  Infinite Cables Cowl was my first magazine pattern, back from a couple of years ago.  It was back when the magazine, Love of Knitting, was still owned by New Track Media and before the editor change.  I was very excited at the time and still am, honestly, but I’ve had the rights back for awhile now and have just been sitting on them.  Well, no more, I say!  No, now it’s in my pattern store for the first time ever and done the way I wanted it.

    As you’re probably aware, publications like magazines have standards they wanted to follow, so when I wanted to separate the RS and WS of this pattern into two separate charts I was told that wouldn’t work.  I didn’t agree with it, but I respected it, so that’s how it was ultimately released.  I’ve always felt that the pattern makes a lot more sense as two separate charts, however, and so in its re-release, that’s how it’s done.  The chart with the odd numbered rows represent the RS and the chart with the even numbered rows represent the WS.  Both are read from right to left and treated as RS rows, because ultimately that’s how the garment acts.

    The pattern uses POV cables, you see, where the background of one side becomes the foreground of the other.  It isn’t a new technique but it is one that isn’t seen very often.  If you look at a chart with both sides together it looks very intimidating and complex, but if you separate those charts, all of a sudden it’s clear what’s happening.  It’s like you’re working 2 RS sides, each with their own cables and patterns.  True, there are no traveling cables on the WS, as they happen on their own when they’re done from the RS (traveling cables from the RS become traveling cables on the WS automatically), but otherwise you’re just working a cable pattern on each side separately, knit, purl, and cable.  That’s it.  Take it row by row and it’s no different than working any other cable pattern, and that’s what I love about POV cables.  They seem extremely complex, but when you get down to it they’re only as complex as the cable patterns they create.

    So, here it is, in all its glory.  My first POV cable pattern, my first knitting magazine pattern, my first moebius cowl (though it’s knitted flat and then grafted together later), now available on Ravelry.


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