• Gallstone Gone!

    My wife passed the gallstone yesterday and the doctor today says she doesn’t need anymore surgery! Now maybe she’ll be able to recover in peace.  I swear she’s had more symptoms from this disease (can you call giant gallstones a disease?) than anyone who’s ever had it in the history of gallstones.  At least it looks like it will be over soon, and I’m so thankful for that.  This has been a very stressful time for everyone involved, except perhaps the kitties.  They seem happy to have their mommy home and curled up on the couch, perfect for cat lounging.

    In other news, I’m still hard at work on Project Bernini, which means my posting here will be sporadic at best.  Unfortunately, I keep questioning everything about it.  I wish there were more people whose opinion I could trust on this.  There’s so much going into it and that many things that can go wrong.  I guess all I can do is power through and try to trust my instincts.  I’m really hoping it will all be worth it when I’m done.

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