• Addendum

    In a great fit of irony my wife’s GI tract decided to develop post-op symptoms almost immediately after I posted Gallbladder Removal and Project Bernini. She’s now vomiting and has diarrhea as well as “gallstone like symptoms” like severe gas and stomach cramps.  She’s definitely going to miss Knit Nite, which is disappointing, though she’s insisting I still go to see if they have the new Knitscene at the very least.  She’s also missing Passover and possibly Easter as well.

    We did get a hold of the surgeon.  He said to take it very easy through the weekend and avoid raw fish (her favorite thing ever, I might add), and that if it’s still happening on Monday she’ll have to go in and possibly be admitted.

    I’m really not happy right now.

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  1. alpacawings says:

    that’s too bad; hope she feels better soon! Passover and Easter will come around again, sooner than we’d like anyway.

    • Aptenoknits says:

      Yeah, and Ukrainian Christmas is far more important to her than any other holiday, so I’m sure it will be okay.

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