• Magazine Signing – March 20th


    The knitting store Knit in Roslyn, NY is hosting a wine and cheese party for the Long Island Yarn Crawl on Friday, March 20th from 6pm – 8pm.  I’m going to be there during that time to: 1. enjoy the wine and atmosphere, and 2. sign my article in people’s copies of the new Vogue Knitting magazine.  I’ll also be debuting a new pattern at the Yarn Crawl.  There’s a preview of it below.  It’ll be very similar to that shawl but larger and with more lace repeats, etc.  Feel free to stop by and meet me, drink wine, eat cheese and other snacks, talk to some wonderful knitters, and have your magazine signed (if you like).


    In other news, my wife is scheduled to have her gallbladder removed on the 19th.  This, of course, means we’ll be missing the yarn crawl.  Hey mother will be taking care of her while I’m at Knit, but I can’t ask for her to do too much of that (my wife is really whiny when she’s sick).  In other other news, one of my kitties is sick.  She wasn’t eating for a couple of days, but we finally found something she’ll stomach.  That was nerve wracking, let me tell you.  I really hope the antibiotics clear things up, otherwise she’s going to need an ultrasound.  It’s not a good time for my bank account, I’ll tell you that.

    Enough disaster stories, though.  Come to Knit, you’ll enjoy it, I promise!

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