• It’s Raining


    I go outside this morning (around 5:45 AM for anyone who’s curious) and notice it’s raining.  I’m so happy. I missed the rain so, so much.  All it’s been for months is snow, snow, snow, blanketing the roads, covering the sidewalks, forcing people to dig their cars out.  Let me tell you, it’s not fun to get off a 12 hour shift only to find your car caked in ice and snow that you have to remove for an hour, freezing your hands, cutting your skin, soaking your boots.  Then to have to drive home at 10 miles an hour because your car can’t handle the weather and besides that’s the speed that everyone else is driving making it take 6 times as long to get home?

    I love the rain! I always have, well not always.  I have since I graduated college nearly a decade ago.  My mother and I flew to Ireland in celebration (that’s where I got my cool hat).  We spent nearly 3 weeks there, and it was gorgeous.  I mean, the grass, the grass was so different! There were so many things I remember, the hills made of heather, the moss everywhere, the cliffs and coasts and ancient ruins, the colors and people and Guinness.  Irish Guinness is a lot different from American, believe you me.  It’s smoother, creamier, better tasting, plus you’re in Ireland while you’re drinking it!

    What I remember most about Ireland is the rain.  It rained literally everyday and for several hours at a time most times.  There were brief periods where it didn’t rain, sure, but usually it was rain and I hated it.  Well, for awhile I hated it, then I got used to it.  You can’t get rained on for 3 weeks straight and not get used to it, and the place is so beautiful and the people so interesting that it really doesn’t matter after awhile.

    Then I went home, and the grass wasn’t as lovely, and there wasn’t the scenery, and the enchantment wasn’t gone, and it wasn’t raining.  I didn’t know it then, but I missed the rain.  I didn’t know I missed it until it finally rained again, then all of a sudden some of the magic came back.  It felt Irish, the rain.

    That feeling comes back every time it rains, though it’s faded a lot over the years.  Still, I can’t help but love the rain now, and I especially loved it this morning?  Why? Because it isn’t snowing!  Maybe one day I’ll visit some beautiful land where it snows all the time but I love it all the same and I’ll feel the same way about snow as I do rain.  Until that happens, though, all I can say is I’m glad it’s raining.

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