• Vogue Knitting and Quince Scarves!



    Huge news, my Vogue Knitting pattern and Quince and Co Scarf Book pattern both came out this week!  The VK pattern, #16 Double Knit Stole (unofficially titled Adenium) is a double-knit lace stole that officially introduces the technique of Cathedral Windows Double-Knit Lace.  I had introduced it previously in Flipping For Pine Cones but didn’t give it a name or anything like that.  When Vogue Knitting told me they wanted to feature it, though, I knew I had to come up with something (my wife actually came up with the name, mind you, after I’d tried out about a dozen others).  I think it’s a pretty cool name, and I hope others do too.



    The Quince pattern is called Baroque officially and Baroque Cable, Janus Style less officially (both names are in the book).  It’s a reversible cable pattern that introduces a new and never before seen technique aptly called Keyhole Cables.  It’s really cool and has a lot of really cool properties, the technique and the scarf, and I’m so happy to have Quince debut it, since they’re my favorite yarn company (as I think I mentioned when I reviewed their Lark yarn).

    I have many, many things I could say about both of these patterns, and I plan to, just not right now.  Right now I have deadlines to deal with, a chronically sick wife, and work, to name a few.  I couldn’t help but post about the patterns, though.  I’m just too excited!  SQUEE!

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