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    Berroco Comfort, now here’s a yarn I never thought I’d review.  It isn’t a yarn I’d normally use for myself, and the mitts I made from it weren’t actually for me.  No, they were commissioned by a yarn vegan, someone who won’t wear yarns made out of animal fibers.  Me, I vastly prefer animal fibers.  They’re soft, warm, and great at hiding tension issues, which as I’ve mentioned before are one of my biggest issues in knitting.  Thus, when it was suggested to me to not use animal fibers, I cringed.  Fortunately for me, this yarn is a nylon/acrylic blend, which as it turns out is quite stretchy and hides mistakes well.

    This yarn is a dream to work with, at least by touch.  It’s very smooth and cool to the touch.  Don’t let that fool you, though.  The finished gloves are very warm, perhaps not as warm as animal fiber, but warm nonetheless.  The feel actually reminds me of a high quality cotton, just stretchier and warmer.  What isn’t a dream to work with is the splittiness of the yarn.  It’s very easy to get your knitting needle stuck in between the plies, and sometimes it’s hard to tell where a stitch ends on the needle.

    The other big problem I had with this yarn is the stitch definition.  I think that’s partially the color I chose, but the stitch definition wasn’t the best.  Still, it’s better than a lot of yarns like mohair and some alpacas.  I was able to make some modifications to the pattern to bring out the cables, and I could kind of see the individual stitches in the end.

    In the end it’s a very versatile and pliable yarn that feels like a plant fiber but behaves closer to an animal fiber.  It’s one of the better synthetic yarns I’ve seen, and I’m very happy to have had a chance to play with it.

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