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    If you’re asking why this blog post starts with a photo of a pile of yarn that the world’s cutest cat has conquered, then you’re probably not alone.  The reason is very simple: it’s the world’s cutest cat and his image must be shared and that pile of yarn all comes  from this year’s Vogue Knitting Live (in New York).  This was my first year at the event, and let me tell you it was a lot of fun.

    First off, there was yarn everywhere.  There were giant yarn sculptures all around outside and inside there were booths upon booths, so many booths, booths with yarn, booths with bags, booths with shawl pins and notions and books and knitting supplies, two floors worth of booths.  It was a little crazy.  There were a lot of people, too, almost all of which loved knitting or crochet.  I even ran into some people I knew, including a couple from my old Thursday group.  That was pretty nice.

    At one point there was a mini fashion show.  I saw some stuff from the Winter 2014/2015 issue, which was pretty cool.  Like I said, I do like mosaics.  I also made some good contacts like Indigo Dragonfly, Holiday Yarns, and Biscotte Yarns (which I looked at originally because it reminded me of cookies even though it’s a different name but then realized for the first time in my life that I’d actually like to design something using a self striping yarn).  Of course during all this, much yarn was purchased, hence the pile that the cat conquered.

    One other thing, I feel I should mention the first ever Long Island Yarn Crawl will be taking place March 19th – 22nd of this year.  A couple of my knitting friends have set it up and had a booth at the convention.  Anyone in the Long Island area or surrounding areas should come check it out!

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