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    As those of you who’ve purchased multiple patterns of mine know, my knitting pattern format and template is a moving target.  I changed it pretty dramatically for Cephalopod Fin, and I changed it again for Star Stone.  The latter is my latest template and I think it may be a winner.  Because of that, I’m planning on switching all of my patterns over to it in the near future.

    The template is simple enough.  The title and all the headers use a font known as Copperplate, which is made up of all capital letters.  The lowercase letters are just smaller.  It’s a nice looking font and gives the feel I want for my patterns.  I also made it a nice blue color, which I think pops a bit more.

    The rest of the pattern is made up of a font called Optima, which for you font buffs is a sans font meaning it doesn’t have any pointy bits on it like say Times New Roman does, but it’s also fancier than some of the other sans fonts but still professional looking unlike say Comic Sans.  It’s a lot like this font, in fact.

    I also added a little logo with my penguin on it.  I think it’s pretty cute.

    Aptenoknits Penguin Logo

    Okay, so this is admittedly not the most exciting blog post ever.  The point I’m trying to make is I plan on updating pattern templates soon, so beware.

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