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    As I’ve said before, I don’t really get crochet.  It intimidates me, and I think a lot of patterns are ugly.  When I saw the premier issue of CrochetScene, though I can say for certain that I did not find the patterns to be ugly.  In fact, I found the opposite: they were fresh and trendy, a side of crochet I’ve only seen done by my wife and my friend Mary.

    Mind you, the patterns are still extremely intimidating to me.  Looking through them, my eyes still glazed over just a little.  I really appreciate, though, how the magazine included a section at the back for people who’ve never crocheted before.  I don’t see that in a lot of magazines, so it’s nice to have for people like me, should I ever wish to get more involved in crochet.

    I liked most of the patterns in this magazine.  There were a couple I especially loved.  My favorite section was easily the Chain Reaction section.  I think it’s really cool to make such good use of crochet chains.  In that section was also my favorite pattern: Molecule Cowl by Sachiko Burgin.  The use of the chains, the adding in the solid diamonds, the color of the yarn, the usefulness of the finished object, it’s a really cool pattern, and the photography is great!

    Crochet-Scene-2014-Chains-0224_medium2Another great pattern is Swing Vest by Doris Chan.  It begins with a simple granny square pattern, a very common motif in crochet, but then starts to get crazy as various panels are added seamlessly to the edges.  The whole thing becomes this trendy, draped vest that looks really cool when it’s finished.  It’s definitely one of the best crochet patterns I’ve ever seen.

    Swing_Vest_medium Like I said, crochet still mystifies me.  If ever there were a magazine to try to convince me to work past that, however, CrochetScene would be that magazine.

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