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    CablesandweltsMy newest pattern is out, Cables and Welts from I Like Knitting February 2015, a new online magazine.  It’s probably the quickest I’ve seen a magazine submission turn into an actual published pattern, too.  Mind you, this is my second “not self-published” pattern to come out, so I guess I can’t say too much.  Still, I’m extremely surprised.  I turned it in in November and it came out in January.  That’s like two months!  Yes, I know, November to January is two months, but it’s actually a few days officially past two months so that’s how it’s like two months and not two months months.  Okay, that sentence confused even me, a little.  I’m starting to understand why some people have difficulty reading my writing.

    Back on topic, I had a lot of fun with this pattern.  It isn’t double-knit or reversible.  The cables are simple. It’s mostly long stretches of knits or purls.  It’s very unlike my other patterns.  Sometimes it’s nice to change things up, though, and I’ve always thought I need more patterns that aren’t reversible.  Don’t get me wrong, I love reversibility.  I’ll probably write a book on reversibility someday, perhaps more than one.  That isn’t all I am as a designer, though.

    I like to think of myself as someone who finds something interesting, a knitting technique, a garment type, a new way of doing something, and then explores that thing that interests me.  That’s how I’ve approached most of my knitwear design.  Well, sometimes it’s a little different, like with my Siamese Paws pattern.  There I just wanted to add paws to mitts because I thought it would be cute.  That isn’t very “manly” of me, I realize, but in this instance I just don’t care.  I find paws in general to be incredibly adorable, so I just couldn’t help myself.

    Moving on, my favorite part of this pattern was the cable itself.  Yes I love welts and have always wanted to play with them, and yes I like the idea of large welts that have cables flowing over them.  Yes, I’m pleased at how the hat came out and how the cables flowing over the welts looks cool.  Despite all that, though, my favorite part is the cable.  It’s a three stitch cable that cables 2 over 1, which doesn’t sound like much.  If you watch the center stitch, though, it flows in this really cool way.  It’s very subtle and doesn’t look like much to most people, but I think it’s really cool.



    All in all, I’m very happy with this pattern.  Mind you, I rushed it a little in the end, but mostly because I thought the due date was later than it actually was.  Oops!  Because of that, I never actually took any pictures of the hat before I sent it off.  All I have right now are the pictures from the I Like Knitting Website.  It isn’t ideal, but at least people can see how beautiful the hat turned out.

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