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    Road to China, the very name brings up images of Marco Polo on a journey of discovery, exotic spices and furs and fibers the likes of which the west generally did not see.  It’s a very fitting name: no less than  four separate fibers  compose the make up of this yarn, all of them luxury and a little exotic.

    Baby alpaca makes up the bulk of the fabric, followed by silk, camel, and cashmere.  All of these products alone are soft and smooth and silky and when combined they are equally so but also warm and strong and interesting.  It’s worth finding some of the yarn in a store just to touch it.  The “Light” in the name, by the way, refers to the fact that the yarn is sport weight, my favorite weight of yarn as mentioned in my post on double-knitting and yarn weight.

    It knits up quite nicely.  In my case I used it on my first intarsia design: Siamese Paws, so named because the colors reminded me of the paws of a siamese cat as well as a nod towards the yarn from which they were made.  It’s very warm, as stretchy as any animal fiber, very soft, and very nice to wear.  In terms of price, it’s on the pricier side but definitely worth the purchase.  I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the feel of a luxury fiber.

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