• The Geekiest Thing I’ve Ever Knit


    For those who don’t know me well, I love video games.  A lot.  I’m not the only knitter who does, either.  There are quite a few Ravelry groups dedicated to video games, for instance Nintendo Knitters for the Nintendo lovers out there or Hylian Knitters for the Zelda lovers out there.

    I’m one said Zelda lover.  I love Zelda so much that I was actually inspired to design and knit a mini-garment to declare my love for it.  It’s actually one of the first pieces of knitwear I designed that I publicly shared (it’s third, if I recall correctly): my Summer Head Shawl.


    How is this Zelda related?  I’m glad you asked!  You see, in the Zelda universe there’s this race of aquatic creatures known as the Zora from which my design was inspired.  So, right away you’ll notice that the shawl is shaped like a zora’s tail and is knit with a lot of fish scale/fish tail lace, giving it a very fishy/zora theme.  But wait, there’s more!

    I also hid a few Zelda related motifs in the knitting.  The first is very hard to see, unfortunately, but I’ll point it out as best I can.  In Zelda there are special stones you need to collect as part of your quest.  One such stone is the Spiritual Stone of Wisdom, better known as the Zora Sapphire.  My first hidden motif is based on this stone.

    If you look to either side of the spine of the shawl you’ll see a crescent shaped column of yarn overs.  At the top of the shawl is a row of crescent shaped yarn overs.  Very near these yarn overs are lace motifs that resemble circles.  Put it all together and you get the Zora Sapphire.  Neat, right?


    The next hidden motif is easier to see.  The picture above really shows it off, too.  You’ll notice near the top of the shawl three separate triangles.  These triangles represent the three triangles of the Triforce.  The Triforce is the McGuffin that almost every Zelda game centers around, aside from the princess of course.  It is literally the center of the Zelda universe.


    That’s it for the hidden motifs, but I think you can agree with me.  The Summer Head Shawl is officially the geekiest thing I’ve ever knit (so far).

    What about you?  Are you a knitting geek?

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