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    I know,  it’s a bit late for a Rhinebeck blog post, but as I said before, I’ve been busy.  It shouldn’t stop me from sharing my experiences this year, or rather, my wife’s experiences.  I was unfortunately unable to attend, but my wife went and she had a blast!
    When she came home from Rhinebeck she was super excited.  She got to pet and play with a baby kangaroo.  Still not sure what he was doing at Rhinebeck but, for her, he was among the most exciting things to ever occur.
    Of course, there was also the yarn.  How can that be forgotten?! I think I’ll let her tell you about it, though: “the trip up was rustic and stunning.  The trees were all falling into their winter slumber and dropping their foliage everywhere.  It’s hard – even in Land of Yarnia – to not be taken in and distracted by their sheer beauty.”
    “But of course, the best part was the yarn. Traveling and out of various barns was a delight.  Sure, you COULD look at the map, but I never knew what I was heading into.  One barn might feature livestock waiting to be petted while the next barn might feature all of your favorite yarns.  The cool part about Rhinebeck is that yes, there are brands you have heard of.  Dragonfly Fibers, Miss Babs, Tess Yarns and more were among the popular names.  But there are all of these other brands and fibers and yarns you likely have never heard of.  It truly is a knitter’s delight.”
    “I was lucky that when we went in at the start of Sunday, I was able to hit all of my targeted stops within an hour or so.  After that, I was free to roam and enjoy without having to worry about stock depletion. When lunch came around, I had the best falafel of my life.  It was all squished and smooshed and delightful.  I was so happy to see more vegan and gluten-free friendly booths than your average festival and the food helped me make it through the rest of the day.”
    “I went roaming.   Along the course, I purchased a stunning new Zebrawood drop spindle (even though I often get annoyed at how inconsistent of a spinner I am) and more than enough fiber to keep it company.  I was even able to find a delightful dyed, deep purple bamboo fiber that I’m looking forward to spinning.  Of course, I also purchased most of the Dragonfly Fibers booth, little bits and skeins here and there and one of the gradient sets that was super popular at Rhinebeck this year.”
    “By the third time I went to Miss Babs and noticed a shorter-than-expected line, I knew the day was coming to a close.”
    “But oh!  That wasn’t before the Apple Cider Donut.  I had never had one before and truly didn’t get the hype but figured it was worth experimenting.  After all, you only live once.  The donut came out of the frier warm and crumbly. I  was in love at first bite.  It’s a lot more cake than donut but delightfully sweet and fried and apple cider friendly.  I love the feeling of a fall day with a warm beverage in hand and my, this did no disappoint.”
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