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    It’s been awhile since I published a pattern, so I’m really excited to introduce my latest pattern: Star Stone!  It’s double-knitting, which as I’ve mentioned before is something I’m very fond of.  Unlike my other double-knitting patterns (Flipping For Pine Cones and Six Braid Wedding Ring Scarf), which use cables and lace respectively, it’s pure, simple two color double-knitting.


    Okay, so it isn’t quite so simple.  Yes, it’s knit in the round (mostly) so there’s no worrying about twisting the yarns together to close the ends, but there are a couple of added features that require some extra attention.  First, there’s the I-cord drawstring feature that closes the project bag.  It requires you to make an I-cord, of course, but it also requires you to double-knit flat for a few rows without closing the ends and then separating the stitches to pull the two sides apart.  The I-cord then gets placed in between the two layers, which are then closed up.  Pretty cool, right?

    The other neat but attention requiring element is the bind off.  It’s a three needle bind off, but done twice.  The stitches are separated again then one color is bound off.  The bag is flipped inside out and then the other color is bound off.  It requires some thought, sure, but in the end it creates a completely reversible bind off that allows you to flip the bag to whichever side suits your current needs.  You can even show both sides at once for some extra flair, see?


    Ultimately you end up with an eye catching project bag/display bag with a striking motif that’s both useful and fashionable, not to mention really cool.





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