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    I’m still feeling the holiday season, how about you?  I guess I can’t help it.  I had a wonderful Christmas with my family, I managed to snag some vacation time thanks to my PTO being about to expire, everyone is healthy and happy, and I’m just not ready to let the feeling go quite yet.

    In that vein I decided I should review a holiday themed book.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a holiday themed book.  I really need to change that, don’t I?  I do have a couple of winter based books, however, one of which is the book I’m reviewing: Shades of Winter by Ingalil Johansson.

    Shades of Winter is a very nice book.  The whole premise is that all the designs are done in undyed wool, which if you think about it is a very dramatic concept.  I really enjoy it because before I understood the wonders of color I only cared for undyed yarns.  The designer, inspired by the beauty of white, decided to also give the book and designs a winter theme, to capture the simplicity of a winter wonderland to pair with the simplicity of undyed wool.

    What I love the absolute most about this book is not the designs, but the photography.  The photographer, Ewa Andinsson, absolutely captured the breathtaking beauty of winter, snow, and ice.  The knitwear photography was nice, too, but the landscape photography just takes my breath away.

    The designs themselves are on the less complicated side of things, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.  While most of them aren’t really for me (I get bored easily thanks to a mild case of ADHD), I can really appreciate the beauty of the simplicity.  It’s clean and stark and elegant and eye-catching, like the winter theme that surrounds the book.  It was a very good choice on the part of the designer.


    There are a couple of designs I like, most notably the Lace Sweater design in the early part of the book.  Of course I would like it, since it’s one of the more  complicated designs in the book, but the bulk of it is still simple, elegant lace with some light shaping and beautiful drape.  It draws the eye but at the same time lets the wool shine through, which is truly what this book is about in my opinion.

    What I would have liked to see more of in this book would have been mixing the undyed colors.  Yes, it’s undyed, but the range of colors of undyed wool is amazing, and I feel the designer could have really showed that off.  It might have changed the feel of the book, however, so I can’t say for sure if it was the wrong choice to leave this out.  Whatever the choice, it’s clear that this book is worth checking out.  You might just find something you love, and at the very least, you’ll definitely appreciate the photography.

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