• Magazine Review – Downton Abbey Knits 2014

    The new version of Downton Abbey Knits is out, and I couldn’t be more excited! I really wanted to like the first edition of Downton Abbey Knits. I really did. My interest in the show and my love of all things English (let’s face it – with the accents and the Beatles, they just tend to do so many things better over the giant pond) made me really want to love it, but I didn’t.
    The patterns just seemed so far over the top. Period-centric, sure. But not something that anyone would actually want to knit now, well, unless a local historic festival was in town. I also felt that the articles were quite a bit denser than they needed to be and larger in number than a knitting magazine might need.
    However, the latest edition of Downton Abbey Knits changed my mind on all of that. So many of the designs are actually wearable and beautiful at that. My wife just purchased some Nirvana yarn to make the cover top, the Luxirious Lace Overblouse. Gauzy and lightweight, the top is achievable. I could actually see someone walking down the street wearing this top over leggings and a cami.
    The Lace Leaf Pocket Cardigan is another winner. I’m not overall as fan of the muter palette used in the issues (but it does fit the period so…) but this one stands out with simple details and comfort. This is the ultimate weekend sweater for running errands or just a little extra warmth.
    The Fair Isle Wristers are actually achievable as well. They aren’t crazy overdone by any means and you could see these actually fitting modern life in some bright MadTosh variations.
    In the end, this issue stood up to what I would expect of it and more. Coming from a place where I was so disaspointed in the prior issue, I thought I would be more jaded for the second issue but alas, this one is a winner well worth the special issue price.
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