• Inspiration in a Dream – A New Point of View


    Inspiration comes to me in many forms, knitting magazines and books, nature and art.  Rarely does it come to me in a dream.  In fact, I can only think of one time it’s happened.

    I hadn’t been knitting long.  I’d recently come up with the double-knitting cable technique I would soon use in my Six Braid Wedding Ring Scarf and was trying to come up with a way to create “single-knit” reversible cables.  A little research taught me about knitting rib cables, but I quickly discovered that they wouldn’t travel over a background – the background stitches cover up the cable on one side but not the other.

    Frustrated, I decided to sleep on it.  Then I dreamed about it or so I assume.  I don’t remember the dream.  I just remember waking up the next day and suddenly realizing how it could be done.  It was simple really – the background of one side would be the foreground of the other.  Two purl stitches equal two knit stitches on the opposite side, and those knit stitches can be cabled over another two knit stitches.  All I would need to do a four stitch cable was four purl stitches on the other side.


    I feel like I’m not explaining it right, but that’s not really the point (I’ll explain it better soon, I promise).  The point is, I figured out how to knit it and promptly created my Single Knit Reversible Cable Display Piece (crazy long name, right?)  It’s probably one of the most freeform pieces I’ve ever knit, just playing with reversible cables and seeing how far I could take them.  It soon led to my first knitting magazine piece, however, the Infinite Cables Cowl.  Thus a new technique was born, Point of View Cables (not to mention a life long love of reversible cable techniques).  Who knew sleeping could be so informative?


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