• Adventures In Ikea

    As some of you already know, my wife and I moved to a new apartment recently.  It’s been a very exciting time, and the apartment is great (it has its own yarn closet!  That’s a walk in closet in which we store our yarn stash), but there’s one very big problem associated with moving: moving.  What I mean is we’ve had to move all of our stuff.

    Why didn’t we use movers, you might ask?  Quite simply, movers are expensive.  So instead of knitting, designing, sketching, blocking, blogging, or doing anything knitting related, I’ve been moving.  To top it off, since we’ve moved into a much larger space we were rather lacking in furniture.  Enter Ikea.

    Ikea is a great place, in theory, but what you might not know is it’s also a place of sheer terror.  For one thing, it’s built like an evil lair where you have to walk through every area in the building to get anywhere, perfect for laying traps and hiding monsters.  For another, once you get to the place you can actually get the furniture you have to, well, get it.  This is no easy task.

    Ikea furniture is surprisingly heavy, and for being unassembled and stuffed into boxes, it’s also surprisingly bulky, and when you buy a lot of it you start to need multiple handcarts, which makes it increasingly difficult to maneuver.  Then, once you’ve loaded all this furniture and purchased all this furniture, you have to take it to where it will eventually live, which is fun in and of itself.  Then comes the worst part: the building.

    When I think of Ikea, I think simple instructions and easy to build furniture.  This is true, my wife’s inability to interpret the pictures aside (luckily I have no problem).  It’s certainly no complex knitting pattern that mixes complicated lace with double-knit cables (except double-knit cables are easy! Just check out my double-knit cable tutorial and you’ll see).

    No matter how easy the instructions are, though, there’s one thing one never thinks about when buying a lot of Ikea furniture: there’s a lot of furniture that needs to be built.  Now, you might find the first couple of things easy enough, but after you’ve built two tables, a couch, and a bookcase, things start to get a whole lot harder.

    You start to think that maybe that entertainment center would look better in the box and maybe that insane price they charge to have them build your furniture is worth it after all.  You definitely don’t think you’ll ever be finished, and then when your lower back gives out because you forget how old you actually are and you can no longer walk you start to wonder if you’ve died and gone to Tartarus.  It’s just not pretty (See?).  Fortunately, I’m down to only a bookcase and kitchen cart left to build.  Should only take a couple of weeks.

    So, that’s what I did this Labor Day.  I hope yours was better!


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