• Once Upon A Time – My First Design

    My First Knitting Pattern

    Once upon a time I had no desire to ever knit. At all. I had an idea of what knitting was, first from my mother then my wife, and I saw all the cool things that could be made with knitting (the Tardis Socks were one of my favorites), but the idea of me taking the time to make these cool things was laughable (or so I thought). I just didn’t see the point – I felt I had more important things to do than knit, like play video games.

    Things changed one day when my wife needed help with her knitting. Now, my wife is the smartest person I know. I’m serious, she’s a pure, 100% genius who’s capable of accomplishing more than 99.9999% of the people in the world. Yes, I know it sounds like I’m just being a good husband and people who meet my wife don’t necessarily see it because of her ADHD and happy-go-lucky loquacious-super-bubbly demeanor. The fact that she’s constantly asking me for pattern or knitting help doesn’t help matters either. She’s insanely smart, however, and talented, and anyone who’s worked with her close enough and for long enough will easily be able to attest to that. What she isn’t good at, though, is reading knitting patterns.

    So, my wife needed help figuring out a pattern but I didn’t know a thing about knitting aside from it using a “knit-stitch” and two needles. I told her I couldn’t help, but she’s extremely insistent. I said no, she said I had to, I said no, she said I had to. This went on for days with much yarn being thrown around the room (she likes to throw yarn when she’s mad). Finally, I said enough is enough and I agreed to take a knitting class so I could learn enough to help her read the pattern. So I did.

    Now, you’d think this would be where I’d tell you that I immediately fell in love with knitting and couldn’t get enough of it and had to make everything ever and buy all the yarn in the world, but it’s not. No, I learned how to knit, and purl, and increase, and decrease, and read patterns, and even cable, but it still wasn’t enough to get me to fall in love with the craft (or as I like to say, art). No, I helped her with her pattern and her next pattern and went on with my life, barely touching the needles and yarn.

    Until one day I was looking at my wedding ring. It’s a very cool and intricate ring that was hand-braided by a place called Todd Alan Studios. It’s 14K white gold made from the same strand of white gold as my wife’s wedding ring, and it looks amazing. I was staring at it, as I sometimes do, and I suddenly saw in its shiny metallic structure the form of cables. I saw a cable pattern, and for some reason I was compelled to draw it. So I did.

    I drew it, and then I translated it into a graph, and I translated that graph into knitting, and all of a sudden I had a scarf. I had to knit that scarf. I had to knit it immediately, and when it was done I was proud and amazed and addicted, not as much to knitting, which I do enjoy, but to design. I still have the scarf, and it’s in my Rav projects, but it turns out to not be such a great scarf. I redesigned it eventually, as some of you know, but I hang onto the original. I don’t wear it, but I hang onto it. Why? Because it’s my first knitting design, and I love it.

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