• Knitting Like Normal (or Habit)

    We all knit for different reasons and in different ways.
    Some knitters are process knitters and relish the slow route with a scenic view on the way to the end of a pattern.  The sense of accomplishment is not in the destination but in the path along the way.  Others (like my wife) are project knitters.  Yeah, the knitting itself is great- we all pick up the needles due to at least some interest in the craft itself – but the project knitter is more interested in the finished result: new sweater, cozy cowl, socks with which you can lounge by the fire, or even a cat-cozy for us crazy people.
    Some knitters are monogamous.  No, this has nothing to do with one’s relationship preferences.  Instead, monogamous knitters stick loyal to a single project until the whole thing is done – whatever that means to them.  Others (I think most knitters fall into this category) have multiple projects on the needles, sometimes even running out of the needles themselves with so many in use.
    My wife has coined a phrase for her crafting preference here that I think many knitters fall into as well: semi-monogamous.  While she generally has a handful of projects going on at any given time, there is always the one that she’s working on – obsessed with, really – at any given moment.  It’s all in her fingers, at the bottom of her purse, etc. while the other projects sit lined up like soldiers waiting for their turn to fight ( you see, watching my wife knit sometimes appears like a battle…).
    Me? I don’t know what I am.  I design most of the time – wheels turning, gears shifting – quite frequently but don’t really know how many projects I have at a given moment.  In fact, I probably have dozens of swatches going on at once but projects?  I sometimes have zero.  I also tend to stay pretty monogamous as a result of this, but can easily fall into the semi-monogamous or knit-everything-ever categories pretty easily.  It’s a little disorganized, sure, but it works for me.
    I also enjoy the process immensely.  As much of what I design is intended for women, I can’t exactly enjoy the finished results of my knitting (though I do very much love the things I knit primarily for myself).  That path to get there, though, with the stitches, the struggles, the science, the calm, that does it for me, at least as long as I don’t get bored (which is why I tend to prefer more complex patterns to simpler ones).
    What about you? Are you a project knitter or a process knitter, monogamous or a little looser with your knitting?
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