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    I have three cats, three very sweet, very cute, very wonderful cats. Those cats, however, can be quite pesky little creatures (as anyone with three or even one cat can attest, especially those who knit).  One such kitty, my oldest, likes to spend his nights howling like an evil minion: “Let me in your room! Now let me out! Now let me in again! Now I want in the yarn closet! Wah! Daddy, why are you ignoring me?!?!”

    It gets old fast.

    He also likes to play with my yarn, especially when I’m knitting.  I have to keep the yarn locked away at night lest he try to eat it and stop my heart with worry… and don’t get me started on cat hair in my knitting and knitwear.  There’s even a Ravelry group dedicated to cats shedding their fur on one’s knitting.

    And here, now, while I’m typing up blog posts for your entertainment (a very important job I might add *wink*), my girl cat is rubbing up against me demanding love.  Doesn’t she know that knitting blogs are more important?  And can I avoid giving it to her? No!  She has me at her mercy, I tell you, and she knows it.

    I suppose there are worse problems to have, like running out of yarn in the middle of a project.

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