• New Pattern: Cephalopod Fin

    I haven’t really been able to donate much time to this site yet (nor has my wife) due to crazy work hours and the summer heat slowing things down but I wanted to announce the release of my latest pattern, Cephalopod Fin.

    I started working with Cephalopod Yarns after a trunk show this past December at Knit in Roslyn, NY. I was struck by helpful and genuine Sarah was at the event. I was so excited to work with her. So was my wife: in addition helping to keep Knit in business, she bought more than enough “shawl and sweater yarn” to clothe a small horse in variegated clothing. The first, and last, pattern I worked on with Sarah was Cephalopod Fin.

    I was upset by the news of Cephalopod closing their doors but was more concerned for Sarah. It’s my hope that she sees many doors as a result of this decision, not as much of the heartache. I’m so glad to have a chance to know her and felt it was important to honor that in this pattern. While the title is clearly a reference to the yarn, I’ll also be donating a $1 of each Ravelry sale to John Hopkin’s MS Center to help with research for MS and other neurological diseases. I’m sure the donation won’t be large but every dollar counts and I want to try and make an impact.

    Special thanks to Marissa for being a fabulous model as well!

    Head over to Ravelry to purchase. 

    Cephalopod Fin

    Cephalopod Fin

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